Azofra Offers New Meet a Criminal Service. Get your Skull Duggered Here!

Azofra is clearly the place to go to meet the local crims.  Skulls get duggered and there’s even a demon subscription service being set up for the crossing of the Meseta.  I’ll let Heather clarify.

Skulduggery in Azofra!!

Hi Everyone,
I not sure that’s how you spell skulduggery.  Anyway, I in (sorry, can stop laughing, this computer won let me do some letters or apostrophes)[Don’t worry, Heather I’ll sort it on an English keyboard – for a while anyhow!!].  Well you’ll have to puzzle out what I’m saying.   [In fact I’m not going to sort it – it’s far more amusing the way it arrived! ;-)]
So in a village of 230 inhabitants at 938 metres, at 18.15, it appears to be rush hour. Well I blowed if I can cross this road anyhow.  Ie found a shop hidden behind a bar.  Honest.  I asked tentatively if there were a shop around and he takes me behind the bar and thereś a little shop.  I buy some more sheepś cheese.  God knows what I do with it in this heat.
So this is the 11th day of walking, have done 245 km and therefore averaging 22km a day.  I can feel your burning questions – and in the absence of speech marks on this PC Iĺl have to use italics – So how much weight have you lost??  Seems a brilliant way to get rid of it and relatively painless compared to the horrifying option of cutting out nice goodies.
Um, obviously I haven weighed myself but I would say nothing.
Aw, come on.
No, honest.  I might just have slightly less wobble around the midriff area.
So what are you eating?
Well, when my timeś kind of unscheduled, I at my happiest food-wise.  I might have breakfast if itś around, if it isn I might have to walk 9 km on just water to the first cafe.  Iĺl have a bocadilla in a cafe when I feel like it and usually a proper meal at night, but I might not, might just carry on bread and chees and huge nectarines.
Right, well to the title.
I woke up with Miso in Azofra, about ten to 7.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back, Miso was crestfallen and apologising and all my stuff was on the floor.  She said she woke up but was half asleep and couldn see much without her glasses, but there was a man in a yellow T shirt scrabbling around on the floor.  I had 40euros missing but thankfully everything else was there.  I went next door to Stefanie and Claire and asked them to check their money – 300 euros gone between them.  Jeez!  And we all said we been being so careful up till then but felt so safe in that hostel.
lesson learnt.  My stuff goes with me – toilet, shower, everywhere.
Walked through Cirueña.  A dump, don go!
Hips fine, going well.
Santa Domingo a dump on the outskirts, until I got past the rag recycling plant and the potato packaging store.  Then it was beautiful – you can go to this place!  I went to the top of the bell tower – the bells are MASSIVE!!!!  Thank God it wasn an oćlock time!
Then I walked, must have been three hours on my own.  Bliss.
Iĺl tell you about that wonderful night in the refugio next time but I beginning to get edgy about the Meseta.  This will take at least 6 days to cross.  No trees, no shade, no nothing.  Just nothing but maize fields and an albergue every 20 km or so.  Apparently you will confront your demons.  Bigtime.
So, my good friends and family, what are my demons I have to confront?  Cos now Ie given up work AND relationships, life is sweet!  And dead easy!  So I relying on you to tell me.
Gracias in breathless anticipation, I not sure what a demon is but if you can each come up with one I ought to confront, Iĺl go at it with vigour.
And thank you for all your e-mails, I LOVE ém!
Heather xxx

OK folks we need some excellent demons for Heather … What is she on about?

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