Cambridge Business Academy; Are They an Honest Advisor On How to Make Money?

For those involved with the quest to learn how to make money in the present economic climate of cock up, connivance and greedy sociopathic banking without guilt; there are endless torrents of information aimed at grabbing your time, attention and cash. Sometimes you just have to sort the wheat from the chaff and with Kevin Potts’ Cambridge Business Academy, you have found some good honest golden wheat! OK … that’s a little over the top I know. I’ve been involved in learning about Internet Marketing for a couple of years now without much idea of a particular direction to take. I am one of those people who for years has resisted and spat dummies at the whole idea of marketing without ever standing back for a minute to understand its value in the world of commerce, i.e. keeping money moving so it benefits more people.

Just over a year ago, I came across “yet another” offer, which I signed into out of curiosity, because its tone was so different to everything else I had been seeing. As is the nature of these things, I began to receive the regular series of autoresponder messages and to be honest, they caught my attention straight away, because they weren’t the usual over-hyped, shrill and often blatantly misleading rubbish that comes from some of our American cousins.

What is remarkable is, this smooth talking ex-minister (of the religious type) had managed to follow the joint venture mantra right from the start, found himself a powerful mentor in Tim Lowe and has already gathered around him, his own group of on-line marketing success stories. Even more remarkable is that in just over a year, he and his team have managed to rank at number 1 in the Google search results for the single most competitive search term on the planet: How To Make Money. Believe it or not – with all that relatively free traffic coming their way, they have made a shed load of cash. As the perceived wisdom says. “Find successful people and do what they do if you want to be successful!”

Most entrepreneurs would have to throw gazillions of pounds, dollars or euros at their advertising budgets to achieve this kind of result in the short time that the Cambridge Business Academy have done it, which obviously comes down to some kind of a secret weapon. Kevin’s secret weapon goes by the name of Paul! That’s Paul Lynch by the way: owner of one of the biggest SEO services in the UK and Kevin’s most public of founding partners in the Academy. Paul’s seemingly intimate knowledge of the way the Google Beast works and a few innovative tactics have seen Cambridge Business Academy rise up the rankings at a remarkable rate.

Another aspect of their success is that Kevin and his crew seem to actually believe in customer service. Their operation which is being grown quite aggressively (with a small “a”) is using well established software, management systems and methods alongside their own bespoke systems and some very leading edge ideas. This has led to a few issues with signing up for some of the products that I decided were worth investing in. It’s not often that you actually get the boss on the phone in a successful IM organisation. Or a clearly personal email (and I am pretty good at sniffing the difference between personal and auto!).

Without delving too deep and long, if you are a new, established or even successful online business: if you are an offline business which needs to establish an online presence, then you will find products and coaching that have the potential to lift your success to an altogether higher level. There are an awful lot of bullshitters (excuse the French, but there is no point in anything but bluntness!) out in the IM world. Kevin Potts is a smooth talker and Paul Lynch is about as rough and ready a Lancashire hodge podge as you’ll find anywhere, but they actually walk the walk of developing a successful on line business ETHICALLY. Of all the supposed online gurus I have been involved with over the last 2 years, the Cambridge Business Academy is the place to go to learn How To Make Money especially on-line!

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