Can A Listbuilding System Be TOTALLY Automated?

Can A Listbuilding System Be TOTALLY Automated?

I know we’re all a bit sick and tired of promises of “automated software” that will make us rich before dinner, because there is NO SUCH THING!

And I’ve become very sceptical of these kinds of outrageous claims.  But today I may start feeling like  eating my words.

Because I just picked up a listbuildilng system that really is incredibly fast…, and the traffic actually does keeps flowing in, seemingly on auto-pilot if you IMPLEMENT the system.

It’s a pretty new tactic on the scene that I’ve heard of before under different names, but I never really knew how to implement it until I found this:

Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System

At that link, 7 figure marketer Bill McRea is  GIVING AWAY this listbuilding system totally free…

It’s his way of getting some buzz going for his recent product launch (not too surprisingly, he’s got another system up his sleeve that’s even better than this).  In any case.. I went and got this myself and it’s totally legitimate; following the principles of Golden Rule Traffic Generation.

There’s nothing scammy about it all.  If you can see beyond the Americanised marketing lingo, it’s just a way to instantly create a win-win offer that potential JV partners can’t refuse.

Bill hands you EVERYTHING you need to make it work … EVERYTHING!  Even if you are new to Internet Business models, you will know the power of having a mailing list.. so Do yourself a favor and go get this.  Yes you’ll be on his list for his next marketing effort, but remember – you can unsubscribe any time at all.  I’ve been on his list for a couple of years now, and despite not buying any of his products, I’ve stayed on to see how he does things!

Now it’s your turn to Do it NOW Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System

I mean…you can’t beat the price, it’s FREE right?

P.S. There is one catch to this…you’ll have to help spread the word it’s the viral bribe bit!.   But that’s easy for me because I’ve seen this strategy in action and know that it works.
You should get Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System now!

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