Get Top Google Listings

Top Google Placements – The Free Traffic Holy Grail

Being able to top Google… sometimes it seems like an impossible task. Those front page listings are the only place that generates significant organic traffic – that’s the free sort to you and me! Not only are you competing with many hundreds of thousands of other businesses, organisations and maverick individuals; there is myriad conflicting advice about how to succeed. It is extremely easy to burn through a marketing budget, achieving nothing but debt, unless you understand some very basic principles about search engine optimization or SEO. In terms of featuring on the front page of Google, there are two critical components that every business with a local focus must have. Number one isn’t a website even: it is to have secured and optimised your local places listing which features on Google maps. Second comes the website; and that should be a dynamic well optimised piece of Internet real estate, which is closely focused on the keywords for your niche.

Top Google Listings Depend on Quality Keywords

Before Google will take any real notice of your website or Google Places Business Listing, you have to have a very good understanding of the keywords upon which all of Google’s ratings rest. Not only do those keywords underpin the relevancy of your content , they also have a significant effect on the quality of the backlinks into your website, because of their importance to the anchor text of any link. Once you have those concepts clearly embedded in your mind you may very well get to the top Google listings.

The Importance of the Local Element for Top Google Listings

For any new or established business, looking to generate new leads through the Internet, so that you can weather the recession and explode through the recovery; it is vital to have a clear idea of your markets and your ideal customers. Businesses with a local focus often overlook the value of placements in the search engine listings to their bottom line. In the last five years the volume of research by consumers of services and products that has transferred to online search engines, directories and catalogues has snowballed. Currently in the UK approximately 2/3 of consumers carry out the major part of their research through the likes of Google. What is even more significant, is that once those same consumers start adding a geographical modifier to their search term (i.e. sticking a Carlisle, Bradford West Ealing into the search term) those surfers have suddenly moved into buyer mindset. If your website or your Google places listing does not show up in their search for a source of what they want “NOW”, then you have missed a hot prospect.

Get Your Places Listing Now: To Top Google

The simplest of all ways to ensure a top Google listing on the first page of results for one of your keywords, is to get your Google places listing now. It does not take long to do and in some cases can have a near instant result. For more competitive markets it will be necessary to have a very high quality listing that will include your business name without keyword stuffing but will have keywords incorporated into the business description in a manner that reads naturally to human readers. To make sure that your places listing is going to show in the first seven results that Google often shows it is an excellent move to include photographs with captions that include keywords and to have links or embedded videos from somewhere like YouTube which give an insight into your business.

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