How Google Search Works: The Basics of SEO

If you are going to use Google to help you be found on the Internet, then it is crucial to understand the foundation of SEO the acronym for search engine optimisation. Whether your business needs SEO to help local clients find you or whether your search engine optimisation is aimed at a global audience in one of the many mega-niches it is very helpful to understand the process by which Google responds to your search term.

For many, Google is one of these mysterious fonts of all knowledge. This probably explains in part why many people who use this tool on a daily basis also keep it very carefully at arms length. In many ways, Google is denounced as a law unto themselves as marketers and hackers as well as thoroughly honest people attempt to get the most efficient results for their own purposes. Fairly recently Matt Cutts, Google’s public face of search engineering, produced a short video which explains the thinking and processes behind Google’s indexing and search response methods in plain language.

I’ve included the video below so that you can get a flavour of just what is going on when you type in your latest search query. Having a grasp of these concepts gives you a handle on the basics of SEO. This should inform all your decisions in your next search engine optimisation project.

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