Canadian “Legalese”? Someone’s Got the Right Idea

Usually we think of the cousins over the pond as having their heads stuck up their rear ends as they try to avoid law suits and lawyers, but it looks like one Canuck has got it taped. I found this on one of Will Gadd’s old blog posts. There’s a legal disclaimer about trail running that’s been posted by one of his contributors. It makes for a chuckle and falls nicely into the Anti-Legalese bracket

Thought you might get a kick out of my buddy’s disclaimer when he’s inviting other folks to go trail running with him – classic! Perhaps something like this should go on the bottom of a guides’ waiver forms?!

-Lise Beaulieu


I am not the leader and am merely advising of an opportunity to participate with others who may or may not be runners in the above noted “trail run”. Although I am familiar with this trail that means nothing.

It may be dark, cold, wet, muddy, hot, freezing and windy during the run and the only fun may be in seeing others suffer.

Any photos taken during the run may be published or shared with others regardless of how they make you appear.
I am not insured nor do I carry any insurance for losses, injuries or deaths that may occur as a result of or while you are participating in this run. I am not proficient at reading, map reading or navigation or the use of any navigational gizmos or gadgets. I am not strong enough or brave enough to defend or protect myself or anyone else from potential attack from wild or domesticated animals. Although I may carry bear spray, I have not been trained in its use and you may be inadvertently sprayed. I am not proficient in backcountry survival. I can only and will only carry enough food, water, clothing, or lighting for my own needs. I am not responsible for anything my dog(s) may do to you including alergic reactions, tripping you, clawing you, or biting you. I do not carry any radio, telephone or any other communication device that might enable you to summon assistance or be rescued. The people who will be running with you may be hazardous to your health. The trails we will be running on will be hazardous to your health. You will be exposed to other hazards – natural, unnatural, supernatural or any combination thereof, and your participation in this run is wholly voluntary and at your own discretion and risk. You are responsible for your own health and well-being. You are over the age of 18 and of sound mind and body. You are a superbly conditioned athlete capable of feats that most mortals would not consider. The location, distances, times, directions, elevations, trail conditions, water crossings and any pertinent details about the run are estimates only and may or may not be real, factual or in any way correct. Your having read this email and still showing up for the run will be taken as your consent, acknowledgement and acceptance of all of the above risks, terms and conditions.

-Hugh Magill

WG Note–should go on the bottom of all outing invitations, nice one…

(original at

Not sure when it was posted, but it made me chuckle and it looks like it tickled the big man’s funny bone too. Remarkably like a Carlisle Mountaineering Club jaunt.

The Will Gadd Gravsports web sites can be found in and around the link.  The Ice pages are pretty useful beta if anyone fancies a trip to the Canadian Ice Fields.

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