Dodging Showers at Castle Rock South Crag

Dodging Showers at Castle Rock South Crag

Out for a quick blast away from the rectangular screen this afternoon, and for once we just timed it right.  Walking up to the South Crag in the drizzle didn’t exactly feel like getting it right, but once we were at the base of the routes the wetness quietly vanished leaving us to a deserted, drying crag.

I was with Ben and Kath Daines who were sticking their necks back into the climbing game again after a long absence.   So some easy reintroductions were the order of the day.  Slab climb, Wall Climb and  Gangway were dispatched quickly with the seconds climbing more or less together.   Then Ben decided he fancied a bit of leading on something easy, so we  got him pointed up that easy ground further right where Noname goes.

Slab Climb

Castle Rock South Crag - Slab Climb on a sunnier day

Don’t know how many times I’ve done that set of climbs at the right end of the buttress on various evening jaunts, but they are always pleasant.   So it was today.  Good company and a bit of a larf and as a bonus the rain only kicked in a gain about 5 minutes after we set off back home in the car.

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