Good to See a Local Cumbrian Blog Making Progress

Good to See a Local Cumbrian Blog Making Progress
Najeeda Marketing. Cumbrian Bloggers Find Success

Sharon Dewey and Denise Oyston - Escapees From the Corporate World to Blogging for Business

As I have slowly got my head around Linked In and the other useful social media sites, I discovered that there was indeed a Cumbrian group. After joining up and waiting till my membership approval came through, one of the first characters I noticed was Najeeda. This turned out to be half the story as Najeeda is in fact two women who seem to hang out in the South Lakes. They have got a very simple straight forward blog going and are providing some excellent information to subscribers.

Worth a look… and no I don’t earn anything from the recommendation 😉

It is refreshing to see that the Cumbrian group on Linked In is very diverse and quite active.  Take a look at the Cumbrian Link Group Page The next event is a face to face meet up in Penrith organised by Gareth Scott

Chosen venue for the group’s initial meeting is Saturday 20/11/10 :  Midday at The Magic Bean, which you will find on Poet’s Walk, Penrith.

There will be a light Indian style tapas buffet which will cost £6 per person. Please let me know if you have any particular dietary needs, vegetarian etc.

This looks like a good venture to support.  See you there.

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