Misery on the Camino de Santiago

It’s only a short post from Heather today as she’s been suffering a bit today.

Pride cometh before a fall Part 2 and the bra again….

Hola chicos!

Oh. sorry, Roanne´ll kill me for mentioning this, but mi sujetador especial from Spain – well, I´ve left it in Bercianos.  So it´s back to finding a lingerie shop in Leon tomorrow…….

Anyway, there am I feeling all strong and fit and young – you know – just like last time.  I left the albergue at Terradillos, walked 10 cm and ouch!!  Double ouch!!  Little toe of left foot AND middle toe of right foot.  Left – blister plus crack between toes.  Right, my old corn.  None of my toenails look anything like toenails but there again, they haven´t for years.

I have not been so frustrated in a long time. The pain was ghastly, I had to keep stopping to adjust plasters, compeed etc so that was a double whammy but not to be avoided as my whole body would have been out of alignment if I wasn´t walking properly.

A very miserable day and out of the whole day, I managed to think about the countryside for ten minutes.

I have to go – in a bar and the albergue will shut at 10.

More tomorrow if I get Internet.

Heather xx

Hey, it´s better with real exclamation marks!

That’s one of the troubles with walking any distance, you never quite know when the old feet are going to start playing up.