Santiago de Compostela- The End of Heather’s Camino

After 780km of walking, Heather has arrived at journey’s end.  The final day of the Camino was sadly let down by the weather.  After all the heat and the dust, just when you’d like a bright and colourful day; what does it do?  Tries to do an English Summer’s day!  Now that’s no way to treat a lady!

Santiago and this is the last – probably!

Well, I suppose you want me to write that there were bells, trumpets, full orchestra, banners, flags, dancing when I arrived in Santiago, don´t you!
Let us first go the night which was OK apart from an Italian man a) snoring b) leaving his foot smell to waft around and c) already having got my back up by tending to the weedy female he was with who kept meeowing, a bit like a baby.  That is when she wasn´t in bed which was all the time, as far as I could see.  Shouldn´t some people still be at home with their mamas…..
So I was out and walking by 7.00 which is early for me and I didn´t like it on headtorch – some people love that early darkness but I don´t really see the point.  Especially as the sun was definitely not coming up today!
I met Eva and Paul at the first bar, which was nice.  A couple of bars had missed the opportunity to make a fast buck by being closed.
So the first thing was to be at the top of Mount Gozo from where, it is said, though I couldn´t verify as everything is raining, you can see Santiago.  I know I was at the top as there was a chapel and monument and a coach.  BUT WHERE WAS THE MONT BIT?? I mean, to me, when it says ´Mont Gozo´it implies a bit of a climb, some kind of ascent.  Well anyway….
So the bells, banners etc?
Er, no.  Actually it´s pouring and it´s nearly 5 km from where you see the magic word ´Santiago´to the Cathedral.  When I get there, I don´t know what to do and the place is HEAVING with coach trips and just huge numbers of people.  I wanted to cry – I mean, I´ve walked 780km and I wanted to hug the statue of St james and that kind of thing and have someone take a photo in the pouring rain….
I had to remind myself that I am a mujer fuerte (you can look that up) and I reminded myself with some force as well!
I thought I´d go and sort out my sleeping which I have done.  Then I´ll go back and line up in the Pilgrim Office etc and do the Cathedral bit, I hope.
So, see you in England!!
Heather xxx
Well done Heather and safe journey back to your family.  Give me a bell when you get back!

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