SEO Chemistry; a Periodic Table of Search Engine Ranking Factors

SEO Chemistry; a Periodic Table of Search Engine Ranking Factors

Chemistry and SEO Ranking Factors?

I bet chemistry isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when an Internet Marketing Expert starts discussing SEO!  However Search Engine Land, the guys at the forefront of ethical SEO research and knowledge, have just published a chart which they describe as the periodic table of Search Engine Ranking Factors.

What is a Search Engine Ranking Factor?

Search Engine Ranking Factors are those signals and attributes which the search engines seem to give weight to and which are found to affect the ranking of individual web page in the search engine results.  There is a growing body of experience and commercial results which say that SEO is an essential ingredient in anybody’s marketing mix.  What makes understanding of these ranking factors and other  SEO services so important to business enterprises, is the fact that the search engine companies say very little about the workings of their computer algorithms.  It is these “mathemagical” algorithms that are actually responsible for delivering  results to your search page.  Knowledge about these algorithms is acquired by outsiders to the SE companies, by repeated testing and  experiment.  Companies like Search Engine Land and SEO Moz or Distilled here in the UK are possibly the leading exponents of this “Dark Science”.

The results of years of experience and months of testing; post Panda, are essentially distilled into a chart that groups the “elements” of search engine success, much as Mendeleev and his successors grouped the chemical elements into families, based on their observed properties.  Take a look below.

The Periodic Table of the “Elements” of Search Engine Ranking Factors

SEO ranking factors table

Search Engine Ranking Factors - The Elements

Search Engine Ranking Factors Need Action To Be Any Use At All

I’ll be honest, for most people who have not yet taken the time to get to grips with search engine optimisation,  The terms that you see will be meaningless.  It is a very involved and arcane business, getting your head round the SEO game.  To actually understand the interplay of the host of  search engine ranking factors in total takes EFFORT!  It’s taken me 4 years of study, trial and error after error: and finally some modest successes, to arrive at a point where I am confident enough to voice opinions and offer my services to businesses.

That kind of time isn’t available in most businesses, as day to day pressures dictate what’s happening.  Consequently, businesses; especially small enterprises, often have no website, or it is so neglected and poorly optimised, that the search engines simply pass over it; en route to fresher more lively content.   I dread to think how many thousands of pounds have been wasted, just in Carlisle, on expensive website development projects that are never seen by their target audience.

If you don’t understand or have the space in your over crowded brain to get to grips with the plethora of ranking factors that you need to tweak, in order to get your website seen by the target prospects and existing customers, then you need to call in an internet marketing professional like myself.  Consulting Cumbria Ltd Internet Marketing Consultancy

There are many of you out there in the business community, here in Carlisle and further afield, who will want to address some of these issues for yourselves.

Please feel free to download the “Periodic Table of Search Engine Ranking Factors” pdf versions for your own study.  You can find the Full Chart here

Download a more condensed version of the Periodic Table of SEO here


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