Ski Movies 2011 Epic Wipeout Reel

We all enjoy the vicarious thrill of seeing someone having a spectacular wipeout skiing. Luckily the soft nature of most snow takes an awful lot of the impact out but the spraying sheets of white erupting from each impact make it seem even more energetic than it really is. Not in these crashes though! These are the unreleased minutes of mayhem from the making of One For the Road. Teton Gravity Research’s winter 2011-12 release. The yankee boys and girls in these clips talk abpout burly – that’s gnarly to you and me!

There were quite a few broken bits to fix after this particular road trip with lots of smiles and macho bullshit afterwards. However I don’t much fancy my chances after tumbling down some of the rock slabs these loonies hit 😉 see more videos at my ski movies site

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