Social Media Marketing – What Use is That to a Small Business?

There’s been a lot of hype, buzz; call it what you will, about social media marketing and its collective effect on businesses.  Over the past couple of years, the idea of Twitter and Facebook has gradually clarified into 2 separate but complementary tools for communicating with potential, current and previous customers.  The video I’ve included here isn’t mine: and for died in the wool traditional Brits you’ll have to forgive the Socialnomics man for his accent, but the information is exceptionally relevant right now with the potential of a sudden financial vacuum as this governments economic tool of choice.

There is an enormous change in the behaviour of the Customer since web 2,0 evolved.  However nerdy or odd to some of us old gits; the behaviour is evolving and if business wants to survive it needs to adapt to the new environment.  This video gives a snapshot of the new landscape without hype but it does have impact!

Even at local level, you ignore this at your peril.

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