The Challenge 2010 – #tc10

Well yesterday brought the start of module 4 of the Challenge 2010.  So far I have been very impressed with the thinking behind the structure of the materials presented by Ed Dale, GuruBob and the rest of the team.

The completely free tutorial series is teaching newcomers and golden oldies alike, how to research FIRST; gradually refining your focus through niche and micro-niche, to find a theme key word and related category keywords that will provide a platform for a blog that helps you to enter a market.   Market Samurai is the tool that helps you to suss out the likely ease of breaking into a market.

Over the past year I have made use of this increasingly powerful software to find niches where I can try to offer some value to other people.  I am not going to give it a full review here, that is a treat I will save for later when I have really tested out the different modules.

The work on Market samurai allows you to set up an SEO optimised blog using some fairly cutting edge tools that piggy back on the success of WordPress, the ubiquitous blogging platform of most people’s choice.  WordPress Direct allows you to automatically set up a blog with a range of seo plugins automatically configured for quickest discovery by Google’s bot army.

The third module of this course is aimed at setting up a publishing network that leverages the potentially viral nature of so many web 2.0 properties, allied to automation of the posting process in such a way that you avoid the trap of getting into spamming your comments over other people’s hard work on blogs and forums.

Now as the fourth week gets under way we move into a phase of Market Leadership. I await the fruits of this week’s tuition with interest as the quality and bite size nature of what’s been presented has been absolutely fantastic.

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