Trig: a Social Marketing Disrupter That’ll Save You Cash!

Trig: a Social Marketing Disrupter That’ll Save You Cash!

“Ray – you’ve got to come down to Wales and see the business we’ve got started in!”   It seems a long way back in time: that trek down to South Wales!  I had eventually agreed to go and see what my sister and brother in law had been on about. A social networking site that doesn’t make you change your habits and pays you back rather than paying Zuckerberg! At first my reaction had been sort of  “… oh no: a social media version of Kleeneze… a Facebook clone!” Frankly I didn’t really listen. After a couple more conversations, and a lot of questions I realised that if this thing could be persuaded to fly, there was a real chance of the people doing the social, actually getting something back for their time: and if they really ran with it, then I could see potential for growing a large businesses. So far so good, but I had a real “heeby jeeby” thing about network marketing, having looked at a couple of things previously and run into “clam up” when I tried to explain them to other people.

Spinglo the First Time

spinglo social media marketing competition site Back then Spinglo was just a sign up landing page with iPads and iPhones as the bait and the promise of something big round the corner! Then I was told about a background business that was being developed to tie the network marketing model into a social media platform. I began to see how marketing services tied into a social media platform that gave back points or cash might be able to generate some revenue. Next I was dragged off to a plush hotel in Sweden for a launch event of the 1st version of Spinglo, as the  social media platform was called. That was a tremendous event and some very excited people were there with a range of pretty innovative products and a tremendous passion to get everything going. Over the course of that weekend, I believe the list of sign ups finally surpassed the 1st million (in about half the time it had taken Facebook). … but this was a very early version and didn’t really happen as quickly as we’d hoped! Shock horror!

The Challenge of Multiple Social Media Streams

In the build up to the weekend in Sweden, I knew that one of the challenges of making the Spinglo idea, as it was then, work would be getting it to “play nicely” with all the social media networks that people were already using: much as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck do for social media professionals. Months went by and still there was nothing happening on the platform.  Many of the original acolytes lost faith and went off elsewhere… myself included at times, as I had to generate some income from somewhere.  A good friend of mine tried to persuade me that it was a Ponzi scheme. I listened, but I knew that it wasn’t. I had dug into the background with Vic Brown and Gerwynn Duggan too deeply to accept that everything they were talking about was anything other than a difficult, ambitious project that was having teething troubles.  We’re all susceptible to be taken in by a scam… but this wasn’t one.  I could see what they, the management and the engineers were trying to build, even though I wasn’t very good at articulating it myself.  At times, it was difficult to keep faith; but I knew that there were honest people working their nuts off to overcome the underestimated problems.


Suddenly last Autumn there was a rekindling of activity. After months of stagnation, the appearance of Spinglo was refreshed. Feeds appeared … then a few weeks later disappeared. Early in the New Year, there was a complete change and Spinglo reappeared with a Spinglo Stream and a Facebook stream in place. This was looking promising. Finally, a few weeks ago Spinglo went off air for a day or two and reappeared as Spinglo 2.0 to run as a beta for its final public trial. It suddenly seemed like someone had been in with a new brush. And indeed it appears to have been so.

Social Gets the Hammer Test

There had been a complete change of leadership. A business leader by the name of Phil Cook had appeared…one software company had been sacked and a fresh team brought in. The social platform had been completely rebuilt from the ground up under his leadership. Things were cooking now. I even spoke to the man quietly at a meeting in Bradford where he described his own dream of a social network marketing platform where the people involved didn’t have their details mercilessly marketed at. It seems almost a contradiction in terms, but that was the picture he left me with) I don’t really know Phil Cook, but there was something about his manner that said he was NOT messing about. People would own their own data and when they left (not that anyone will ever want to leave once we have grown this thing properly) that data would go with them. Make no mistake, Trig was always intended to be a commerce platform, not just a “nicey nicey” social nonsensing platform. The difference is that it has been designed to spread the benefit around, instead of just upwards to the top dog in the food chain! Spinglo 2 was online for about 4 weeks and got a good hammering from lots of users. Those of us who were aware, tried to run it into the ground with uploads, downloads, chit chat and every sort of nonsense known to man. And it kept working – slowly at times, but it kept working! The much trumpeted promise, was a network marketing business based on a social media platform and providing a growing residual income from all kinds of products and services; that were distributed through that network marketing model, based online and embedded in that social network. Steadily that promise began to seem a real possibility. In the week before Easter, the beta disappeared. Spinglo has GONE!

Welcome to Trig. social media platform generating deals and cashback

Trig – coming to a device near you to save you cash and put you back in the social media driving seat.


Trig Member's Home Page That’s The baby of Spinglo has now been reborn, renamed and rebranded to reflect the immense changes that have been made in the last 6 months. This particular baby was delivered late on Easter Sunday – not a bad day to choose for a kind of resurrection! I do wonder if that was chance or a cunning marketer’s idea! It will be a slow start this time as we try to encourage people who were disappointed first time round to come back and give us a fresh look, but this time there is something to look at. Amazingly, very few original subscribers in the UK have even logged in to see what they have now got. It’s a very different picture to our friends in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe. Ray Cassidy's Trig  Profile page The Trig page looks really sharp and with a few benefits that you might struggle to find on good old Facebook.

• Group chat – could be as useful as Hangouts • Message translation – Facebook has only just grasped this one.

• Earning – from the spend of your connections- don’t think Marky Mark Z gives you any of what you earn him or his shareholders!

• Music downloads – nice!

trig music better value downloads

Trig is partnering with the top ecommerce companies in each country where we launch and new partners are being added to in the next weeks, months and years. There is a new Stores range and with its nicely executed front page Trig is finally delivering what we have waited so long for and which we hinted at when we first started promoting this last year. The current look is only the bare bones of what Trig will eventually grow into.  The team is focussing on getting the structure working right and this has been built to grow organically as the internet evolves.  That’s why it has taken so much longer to bring to life than originally hoped for.  It had to work and be capable of delivering everything that has been masterminded for it.

So if you pre-registered for Spinglo last year and thought. “Hmm. There’s not much there; sorry Ray, I’ll just quietly let this slip!” then take a fresh look. The more people who get active on here, the bigger our network of connections becomes; the more pulling power we will quickly have, to negotiate even better deals with potential business partners. Companies are working with us because they can see the long term benefits of taking a different angle to social media marketing where everyone can earn!  So, without further ado, this is what…

YOU need to do now!

• Log on with your old Spinglo email and password (if it doesn’t seem to work let me know)

• Create a profile and make it open to view, so folks can connect with you

• Start posting.

• It is ever so easy to post from Trig to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A post on those networks shows where it has come from.

• Posting a video is great, as it is viewed on your Trig videos page when a Facebook friend clicks on it. Great passive promotion. The more you get active the more your friends will notice the name Trig and that’s the door half way open already, to send your own invite link and build up your own network of Trig’ers. It’s found in the “Inviter” menu option on your Trig Page. Trig sosial media network joining and sharing Yes, there have been all sorts of delays and glitches as Spinglo has evolved into Trig. Trig has the potential to take what 80% of you are already doing on line and create a business making money from that activity: it’s no longer an idle dream. You can ignore this and keep on bludgering on. You may even decide to join and be timid (like I have been for far too long) and not really shout and make waves about Trig.

Request an Invite to trig and to be kept up to date

Alternatively, you can join – it’s free…  but by invite only!  You can tell everyone: that doesn’t cost you anything but a little effort and you can get active on Trig and do all your Faceaching, Twitterizing and Linking In from the comfort of one social media dashboard.

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Those who get to work will reap the rewards. All real businesses are like that. Passive spectators will be passed by, though anyone can warm up at any time and join the momentum. But remember – we only have one start and that start is almost always better taken sooner than later. Do not be the one, a year on, who wishes you had started and got to work today.  A lot has changed for me in the last three weeks. Exciting times are around the corner, so let’s wake up and get to work and have some fun sharing the goodness around.

Get Trigging!

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