What Happens When Networking Gives Social Media the Hump: Synkronice and Spinglo

Social Media Marketing is no longer a new wave. In the constantly evolving world of online commerce it’s a rapidly maturing channel for information, communication, interaction, selling, buying and customer service: you name it; it happens. Word of Mouse works just like good old fashioned word of mouth but with infinitely greater reach. People like sharing, after the stage of childhood snatch and grab, people like to connect with each other and share the useful, nonsensical and the downright daft. If there is a bargain or a revolution; social media is right in at the core of changing events. Witness Groupon and the Arab Spring. Social Media is a driver in all walks of life, leisure and learning.
As social media has grown, the marketing community hasn’t been slow to jump into the stream of dialogue and make their branding messages the liveliest looking and most interactive dialogue of the lot. People, in large part, love it.
Rapid Change, Multiple Adaptations.
This rapid evolution of services and styles of delivery and interaction: such as the checkins of Foursquare and the relentless drivel that can characterise some newsfeeds on Facebook; or the usually solid professionalism of Linked In, has spawned a wealth of feeder services. These services either feed off the social graph or feed into it. Many have been ill conceived and have withered away double quick. It would have been a brave person 10 years ago who decided to sit back, invest heavily and just watch and analyse the trends and behaviours of the billions of surfers who it was anticipated would come online to chat and socialise.
However one far sighted group in the UK decided to do their adaptation to the new world, in just that manner. No fanfare, no loaded promises, lots of analysis and a long term game plan.
Social Media Booster
Social Media Booster sounds a bit of a corny catchphrase on first acquaintance. Until you start to uncover the masterplan behind Synkronice. Billions of people spend trillions of minutes interacting with the internet particularly in their online social communities. Facebook has some well known but nonetheless important statistics to give the arguments for a social media booster, a reference point. It would, with its 600 or so million users rank as the third largest country in the world. Its users spend an AVERAGE 55 minutes a day using the service.
Those 2 facts alone are enough to make a marketer’s toes curl with glee. FB uses those interactions to develop data that allows advertising to be finely targeted to users. Facebook ads are much more effective than Adwords according to most people who have used both. Now supposing there was an advertising medium that helped users get their Internet under control on the one hand and was able to pick up information about the user’s interests and location, not just from Facebook; but Twitter, Youtube, Xanga, Foursquare, Blogger and everything else that they do in their search for information.
For all the time that facebook and Google have carried advertising, money has poured into their coffers like the gas and dust around a black hole. Users out beyond the event horizon have got nothing! Spinglo and Synkronice aren’t just for the benefit of the marketing tribe. With Spinglo, users are presented with an interface that feeds reward points back to them. Because of the networking / viral nature of Spinglo, users are rewarded even more if they introduce their friends to the service as well. The Spinglo points give access to a range of discounts from some very new brands, some old familiar friends and some about to be announced surprises. Finally your time on the social web is giving something back. If you want to take things to an altogether higher level and earn money from yours and your friends social activities, there is a new business model with pretty vast potential that is brewing. Synkronice is the serious business behind the reward points of Spinglo. Synkronice associates have access to a marketing opportunity and a generous payment plan that quite literally dwarfs any other networking say structure. People are coming over in droves from well established businesses such as Kleeneze. My sister and brother in law got involved even though they knew that their Kleeneze business would be ripped out from under their feet, in an archaic bit of turf protection. Smelle the coffee Kleeneze, you need to embrace this new opportunity.
This weekend we are gathering at the Sodertuna Slott hotel in the wilds beyond Stockholm to meet the leadership of the product and be educated about just how this monster is going to work. I expect to be back with some solid ideas of how to use the opportunity for getting myself moved forward to a better situation. I just met a little lady from Estonia who has 5000 Spinglo friends. A young lad from South West London who has gone from dole to dynamo in no time flat, a sail board instructor from Estonia who has done another 5000 Spinglo friends and who for 1 week was the top recruiter in the whole system. And that’s just after the introductions. pew!

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