WordPress Direct, An Auto Blogger Review

WordPress Direct, An Auto Blogger Review

A couple of months ago, I signed up for Ed Dales Challenge 2010.  This is a challenge based internet marketing course, which provides its training materials free and only involves minimal extra costs.  If you have any aspirations about getting online to earn cash, I highly recommend you access these materials as they teach – through a free trial, the use of  1 tool that makes the investigation of microniches a much faster task and also gives you access to a 2nd software that is the subject of this review.  WordPress Direct is essentially a blog empire management service, for all internet blog marketing megalomaniacs!

It seems as though the actual Challenge Free trial is still available so I would get it while you can – and in their words:

Welcome Challengers!

Build Your First Site and Rocket To The Top Of The Search Engines… No more wasting your precious time with setup, Search Engine Optimization, or maintaining your site, WordPressDirect has been designed to handle all the setup, SEO, and maintenance functions for you. With over 30,000 users, we are the leader in Search-Optimized Blog Publishing.

You know what it’s like when you sign up for a course and the promoters point you at free trials of all sorts of tasty software.  Reluctantly I tried this WordPress Direct submission tool out but didn’t really examine it for a month or more.  I just did the basics: 1 Buy domain 2 Set up the domain at WordPress Direct 3 Tell it the five keywords you are aiming for, then press the button and it sets your wordpress blog site up within a few moments by remote control. I managed to submit a few posts manually over the following few weeks but as my focus was on another project, I hadn’t really thought about WPD’s potential… until I arrived at Yesterday. Yesterday: I decided to get under the hood … and see if it actually did anything! This software system is a quality combine harvester for content.  I’ve tried a few auto submission tools previously and the content they’ve produced has at best been just about relevant, while WPD searches selects and pools content for you that is relevant from a range of different sources.  This allows you to select and filter what appears on your web property. It can auto post without supervision, but you’d be an idiot to use that option unless you had an absolute squeaky clean set of keywords – and there aren’t many of those on today’s internet. The range of sources from which WPD can gather material is very thorough and obviously enough – they encourage you to purchase the service, because the best SEO search engine grabbers are saved for the pricier memberships. Honestly it is worth a look for anybody who is aspiring to be a professional blogger!  The Bronze level is free for about 40 days if the challenge opening offer is still available the only real costs are going to be, the purchase of a domain, and the hosting if you don’t already have an account at hostgator.

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