Time Flies When You’re Getting Old! Unless You Decide to Become a Photographer

Time Flies When You’re Getting Old! Unless You Decide to Become a Photographer

It’s a sad reflection on our advancing years that we don’t feel like accepting the arrival of a certain degree of “maturity”.  Last weekend my old mate Phil hit the ripe old age of 60.  As has been his habit for many years, he had the mandatory party.   Phil’s parties are a bit of a legend.  He’s one of those unsung consumate musicians.  So there is always music and this time, his 2 daughters were about.

Now these two ladies can sing! With 2 other musicians and a couple of Bodran imposters there was a great wee session.  I was blown away by the way Phil and his two girls worked their way through an encyclopaedia of classics.  Most of the geriatrics disappeared after midnight, but Phil, myself and the 2 ladies  didn’t finally crawl off to bed till some time after 4:30 am :  party animal credentials intact!

Somewhere in the run up to the late session, I bumped into a couple who were clearly refusing to grow old gracefully.  Tony and Carol soon let it slip that they had thrown their hats into the ring and were going for life as professional photographers.  Tony had even gone so far as to chuck his job in and take a photography degree with Carol working to support him.

tony dilger digital wildlife photography

Tony Dilger hard at work capturing his digital wildlife photography

Tony had got to hear that I was involved in a fair bit of website stuff (or I had just launched into the most boring party patter ever)! Whatever the start point, we ended up having a look at their photography website.  Even on the monitor screen it was clear that this wasn’t shamateur happy snappy stuff like most of my photos turn out.  Tony and Carol specialise in digital wildlife photography and wedding photography.   If you  have even a passing interest in uk wildlife or you are looking for someone to snap the happy day in the Dales or the Lakes, give Tony and Carol a look on their digital wildlife photography site or their dales wedding photography site.

Dales Wedding Photography

Dales Wedding Photography from Tony and Carol Dilger

Tony is now set to pursue his long cherished ambition to develop photography as a career.  His course ending  exhibition in London was a very successful effort, delivering the goods Tony a 5 year contract with Oxford Scientific Films.  These babies are  a major image library specializing in natural history. The next year might be interesting!

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