Climate Disinformation in The Wake of the UN Climate Summit

Because the oil industry is on the back foot now, they are using their obscene wealth to double down on their disinformation PR campaigns globally, to con the gullible into ignoring the blatantly obvious warning signs that we are f*cking up our little spaceship Earth!

A friend posted a video from the Youtube channel “Friends of Science” (sic). In it a very “lovely” grandmotherly figure (clearly a cold calculating, cynical, “take the money and run” lying bastard) talks in soothing tones about how Greta and the youngsters (whom she so respects “for standing up for something”) have been misled and how climate change is nothing to do with human activity, but do with natural processes and cycles. Her soothing tones cover an utterly cynical manipulation by the funders of this bilge to distract people from what real scientists have been saying for years. This is straight out of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) backers PR drawer!

The one serious journalism source people should be looking at regarding climate science and the dirty bastard money that is muddying the water and letting these corporate scum get away with ecocide are the team at DeSmog, their relentless JOURNALISM has uncovered the edges of the web of dark money from the vested interests of the corporates and corrupt politicians that is enabling this disinformation to have lasted unchallenged for so long! They are even lulling some of the biggest organisations into a false sense of security with their elaborately stage managed PR events. They are UTTER bastards be clear on that.

You will find the video on this channel. Any actress or talking head who fronts such a pack of lies should be ashamed of themselves.
This is straight from the mouth of the oil industry funded scumbags who have been funding and spreading climate disinformation for the past half century. This is on the Friends of Science Youtube Channel. It is a blatant climate change bullshit channel! The header graphic contains one of the most recent soundbytes uttered by the American Republican nutters who wouldn’t know science if it smacked them between the eyes! It’s hard to believe that anyone as sassy as any of my friends and acquaintances would have been taken in by such bilge. These are utterly sociopathic charlatans and their slick highly funded shite should not be spread without serious thought about the consequences.

As always, a little fact checking goes a long way. The link in the description takes you to the CLINTEL website. It’s a dutch based climate “information” website. It was founded by Guus Berkhout and Marcel Crok. Guus Berkhout is an oil industry pro who has actively campaigned with the rest of the vested oil interests to derail the genuine science conducted by non oil industry corrupted scientists.

His partner Crok is another climate change sceptic who is also unwilling to accept inconvenient science. The 500 scientists? They are 500 scientists and “qualified commentators”! We have seen time and time again over the past 40 – 50 years who these qualified commentators are. Oil industry shills, corrupt Republican senators funded by carbon cash and scientists whose work has mostly been completely laughed out of court by the science community at large; because its research methods were flawed, dishonest or simply incompetent. As always the headline sucks people in. These people are your enemy folks. They don’t give a toss about anybody else’s future apart from the oil industry’s threatened profits.

The Wiki entry for Guus Berkhout mentions this “under the radar” background, to that letter to the UN secretary general and also the nauseating video above.

“Climate Intelligence Foundation

Berkhout founded the Netherlands-based organization Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL). Mid 2019 plans of CLINTEL and Berkhout were leaked showing that they were organizing a campaign against political commitments to net zero carbon emissions being made to law. The campaign features a number of academics and industry figures with ties to climate change denial groups, as well as members from oil and gas companies.[8] In late September 2019 the group produced an open-letter which stated that there was no climate emergency.[9]

The Wiki on Berkhout is here! and i haven’t time to dig deeper just now.

The CLINTEL site is here:…/ you’ll need to use Google Translate to get the gist of the message on that page.

These are the lengths that Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Chevron, Aramco and a host of other oil companies will got to. The utter SCUM running the Koch Industries network and so called think tanks such as the Heartland Institute have been going about the same work; openly funded by big oil in the past and more recently funded more covertly: once real journalism began to uncover the links. Their aim is to to divert people’s attention away from the reality of human induced climate change.

While the recent UN climate summit was going on, the Oil Industry had organised a huge marketing drive alongside it where they spent the week peddling more highly funded and slickly presented garbage like the video mentioned above.
These people are treating us all like human mushrooms. They keep telling us that we are being kept in the dark… and then they feed us very dark and devious shit. And the problem is because their headlines appeal to our anti establishment feelings… we all too often swallow their crap for years on end. Don’t be conned!

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