Galicia, And only 130km to Go on Heather’s Camino

Was working my fingers to the bone yesterday, but I finally managed to break away for a few photos and a bit of bouldering at Head End Quarry, as I build up an archive of climbing ropework video clips. It’s harder to get good vid of that than I imagined. Not really a one man show! Meanwhile Heather is definitely seeing the hills again and I think Galicia has rung her bells good and proper!

Beautiful, Beautiful Galicia.
Hola Todos,
I realise I haven´t got anything funny to write about! Sorry!
Yesterday I passed over into the last province, Galicia. Here there is a different language (brilliant, just when I´m getting to grips with Spanish) and beautiful mountains, completely different to any in Britain as they all seem to have vegetation. I have taken so many photos but no photos could do this justice. Two days running, I have climbed high on my own, and words cannot describe how I feel. I only know I suddenly find I´m smiling – for nothing? Because I´m high up? Because there is so much variety in the colours of green? Because my body is doing so well? Thank you body!
I went from Villafranca del Berzio to Vega de Valcarce to Fonfria. Last two are little villages, I´m not necessarily stopping at any main stages now. I passed O Cebreiro and I knew it would be touristy and it was; it´s a tiny little place high up and very lovely. Celtic music from the gift shops and bars (thought I was in Sidmouth for a minute!). I really didn´t want to be part of a tourist experience then so I walked on.
Today I´ve walked a deviation to be at Samos, where there is one of the oldest and biggest monasteries in Europe. I´m going to go round it when I´ve finished this.
It is no longer ´my´Camino, people are now just joining for the last 100km and albergues are getting full very early on.
I am now about 130 km from Santiago and it is a frightening thought to realise that within a week I´ll be at Santiago Cathedral. It is amazing when I see a map to realise I have walked about 644 kms and I can´t quite grasp what I´ve done. But rest assured, anything is possible if you take it in small sections!! Four km before Santiago Cathedral is Mount Gozo and I believe from there, you get the first sight of Santiago and the Cathedral. I get shivers thinking about that moment.
Then there are practical things – whether to go on to Finisterre (the end of the earth), three more days´ walking. I probably will.
Then the possibilities for returning home. Bus back to Santiago certainly – then trains to ….where? Or train to Santander and ferry to Portsmouth, is it?
I´m going before I get other ideas!
Like the Caminos through France sound wonderful……
Take care everyone
Heather xxxx

I think that’s a go for Cap Finisterre; I don’t think I see her coming home chaps! there’s going to a pilgrim pensioner loose around Europe – watch out!  It seems that walking the Caminos  could be pretty addictive.

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