Azofra Offers New Meet a Criminal Service. Get your Skull Duggered Here!

Azofra is clearly the place to go to meet the local crims.  Skulls get duggered and there’s even a demon subscription service being set up for the crossing of the Meseta.  I’ll let Heather clarify. Skulduggery in Azofra!! Hi Everyone, I not sure that’s how you spell skulduggery.  Anyway, I in (sorry, can stop laughing, this computer won let me do some letters or apostrophes)[Don’t worry, Heather I’ll sort it on an English keyboard – for a while anyhow!!].  Well you’ll have to puzzle out what I’m saying.   [In fact I’m not going to sort it – it’s far more amusing the way it arrived! ;-)] So in a village of 230 inhabitants at 938 metres, at 18.15, it appears to be rush hour. Well I blowed if I can...

Walking the Camino de Santiago With Heather – Pamplona

Heather has packed in a couple of days worth here; from Lancashire accents in central Pamplona to techno statues at Puenta la Reina and a few crafty commercials for … BAMBOO!? Lots of friends but where´s the family!! Hi everyone, So I´m walking around Pamplona, see, when I hear this voice shouting ´Hallo Heather´!  Surreal!  Just wonderful.  Then I bumped into another of my new friends.  I was just about to think I mught go to the cathedral again (museum of old instruments as well) when I bumped into a veritable host of friends who said it was closed; so we all went onto Cizur Menor (where?).  Four euros a night!  And help yourself to any food going, just put a bit of money in the box to cover it. Yesterday I heard the torrential rain in the night but set...

Hallelujah – the Savings have finally been released.

Just a quick celebratory post.  It’s taken 2 1/2 months to get my cash released from the  endowment fund that was supposed to be my deposit on a house following the dividing of the riches when Sheila and I decided to part company 2 years ago.  This is my last funding pot, and is the only thing that will keep me afloat while I get my business up and running.  It is also the only source of investment cash I have – a serious tension.  Don’t have a mid-life crisis folks, it completely screws up your thought processes for YEARS!! So, I am relatively solvent again, but hopefully I will have begun earning from my online projects by Christmas.  I don’t want to still be the favoured supply teacher next year, however flattering that may...

Oh dear – had to drop out of school!!

With the lack of work through the summer term, and my poor results in the marketing department, I’ve had to drop out of my coaching course with Ryan Summers my connection at  This is exactly the time when I need to be piling effort and my savings into the business, but because it is taking so long to release my cash I have actually hit the skids with the bank manager.   It’s only money they say: but when it actually runs out, it is the most important focus.  It’s sad I’ve been drawn down to this.  I wanted my business to be about helping other people do what they wanted so I could earn the right to do what I want to do.   I obviously missed out on the “commerce gene”!

Going to be a Tough Summer – No Money in the Bank

Oh dear no money in the bank for the summer holidays not quite sure how this is going to pan out!!!  Not entirely sure how I will pay for Kandersteg.   Committed to helping Jessie’s scout group with their outdoor trip but it will mean I have to pay my way.  Somehow I’ve got to rustle up a cool £1500 to meet all the expenses for both of us.  Hope the headers sell a few copies.